DDoS Protection A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack aims to overload a server or a specific service by sending a large number of, often useless, requests so that the server or service is unable to perform its work in full or completely.
Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are gradually becoming more and more frequent on the Internet. Without effective DDoS protection, attacked servers will not be available on the Internet for a long time.
DDoS protection is free for all clients, it automatically detects most types of DDoS attacks and filters incoming traffic to the server so that malicious traffic is dropped before it even reaches your server.
Although the protection recognizes and filters most types of attacks, there are some DDoS attacks that cannot be mitigated due to their type or sheer power. The likelihood of your server being attacked that DDoS protection cannot filter out is very small. However, we ask you to understand that the DDoS protection we use, like any other protection, does not guarantee that your server will be completely protected from all theoretically possible DDoS attacks.