Transfer your programs and connect to your virtual desktop remotely, anytime, from any device. Work with other programs remotely, accounting software, browser, etc. Install the necessary software and work as on a regular computer.

Examples of using Windows servers:

ASP.NET hosting

Website and web application hosting If your resource is developed for the ASP.NET platform, a Windows server is the best choice for it. It can also be used for other sites and applications.

Remote work

Thanks to the RDP protocol, the Windows server can be used to work remotely with 1C and other applications.

MS SQL Hosting

If your project uses Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server will be the best solution for deploying a database server

Other targets

If you need to keep your programs always on, leave them running around the clock, connect to them remotely from smartphones and other devices, without being tied to a specific location, ensuring uninterrupted round-the-clock operation and the ability to work together.